STEERE Services

Throughout its history, STEERE has continued to hone its expertise across a diverse range of specific services, from prototyping and testing to design and development. 



STEERE's expertise in ducting will allow for prototyping and direct to production part reliability and anything in between. Please ask for assistance with your application and we will let you know the options to support on vehicle testing and part options.

Our typical prototype build methods include, but are not limited to:

  • Hand modified / plastic welded production parts

  • 3D printed functional assemblies

  • Vacuum formed and welded assemblies

  • Formed steel and/or machined components and assemblies

  • Soft tooled and molded prototypes

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Our available equipment includes:

  • Air flow restriction

  • Transmission loss tuning (white noise)

  • Sealing integrity

  • Vacuum deformation

  • Durability (engine roll)

  • Multi-axis robotic motion capability

  • Burst and blow off testing

  • Convolute flexibility

  • Insertion/removal force

  • Standard tension/compression tests

  • Pressure-pulse with thermal cycle

  • Simultaneous control of ambient and internal duct temperatures

  • Chamber capabilities from -70 to +230 Deg C

  • Internal part capability to +300 Deg C and more


production tooling

Our capabilities include:

  • Prototype molds

  • Productions molds

  • Trimming/drilling equipment

  • Deflash presses

  • Leak testers

  • Welding equipment

  • Quality gages

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Design and development

STEERE provides experienced design support using Catia V4 & V5, Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 5.0, I-DEAS, and Unigraphics NX5. Using electronic file exchange protocols or our ftp site, we can help develop your product for blow molding or dual process. Product development is a team effort. Engineering, Manufacturing, and Quality work together to find the most robust solutions. STEERE can help with the product realization process from design, to prototypes, to the production line.