STEERE Family of Brands

Dual Process Overmolding

Dual Process

STEERE's DUAL PROCESS ™ patented overmolding technology presents game-changing cost and quality improvements.


the pulvr

The PULVR provides a solution to the grinder market.

Designed and built by engineers on the floor at STEERE, the PULVR's patented process shreds then grinds tough materials - reducing maintenance costs and downtime, while increasing productivity.



The OxClip provides a clampless connection for air intake applications, eliminating the risk of corrosion and torque guns during assembly

FOXX no R.jpg

the foxX

The FOXX is a direct-to-duct fitting that adapts to a standard VDA high pressure connection and reduces cost and complexity, versus current industry-standard fittings

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The PermaCuff is an innovative and patented high pressure connection that reduces cost and purchased components in charged air systems.