• From Humble Beginnings - 1949

    Timeline photoFrom Humble Beginnings - 1949 Chemical Engineer, Frank W. Steere Jr. sets up shop in the basement of his Akron, Ohio home without a customer, business plan, and less than $1,000 in the bank. He just had an incredible passion for the future of Plastics!

  • The Early Years

    2,jpgFrank begins coating hex bolts and small metal stampings out of vinyl plastisol He moves his operation to rented space in the back of a leather factory

  • The First Big Product - 1950

    1950Millions of coin purses were made by Steere during this decade Advertising specialty coin purses known as the “Quikoin” became an instant success  

  • The History of Steere - 1960's

    1960Steere advances its capabilities and begins making vinyl seat belt sleeves for the Automotive Industry

  • The Move to Tallmadge - 1962

    5Steere and his management team build and relocate to Tallmadge in August 1962 We still reside here today!

  • The Shift in Molding - 1970's

    1970sSteere advances its dip molding capabilities to serve a variety of markets. Steere begins industrial blow molding – making seat belt sleeves out of polyethylene.

  • 1980’s

    1980sSteere enters the air induction segment – making dirty air ducts and bellows for the automobile industry

  • 1990’s

    8Steere develops patented overmolding technology and begins joining dissimilar materials

  • 2000’s

    2000Steere begins making charged air assemblies and opens a full service machine building business

  • Steere Enterprises Today

    10We are an innovative, team oriented, results driven organization that continues to push the envelope and Change; building for generations to come